Saturday, February 18, 2012

Do you have PMS?

Irritable feeling, wanting a sour food, feeling cramps on your stomach…. These are just few of the syndromes women feel when their monthly visitor is about to come. Scientifically, it is called pre-menstrual syndrome or PMS.

But before you can be certain you have PMS, you need to make a journal on your observations when your period is about to come for about 2 to 3 months. A PMS diagnosis is a combination of behavioural, mental, and physical symptoms. The journal will help your health care provider to determine your cyclic nature which will help you if something is wrong with your health or menstrual cycle.

But when trying to jot down these symptoms, remember that it usually occurs after Day 13 from the day you had your period. Symptoms may vary from every woman ranging from mild to severe symptoms. This may even last even on the 4th day of the menstrual cycle calendar.

To help you identify those, here are some which usually appears on women. Physically, you may feel sore and tender breasts, headache, and swelling. Mentally, you may experience fatigue, irritability, angry outbursts, confusion, and even social withdrawal.

Unfortunately, women will apparently be dysfunctional in her social and/or economic performance. People may notice women having PMS become sensitive in marital/relationship issues, school/work performance, family issues, decreases social activity and may even contemplate on having suicide.

Yes! That’s how PMS may become if severe. Thus, the people around women should understand how the menstrual cycle works and how women’s health may also be at risk because of these difficulties. 

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