Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Breast Cancer Statistics in US

Statistically, women are greatly affected with breast cancer. There are cases of breast cancer in men but women are still more vulnerable of this illness. Out of 8 American women 1 is likely to be diagnosed with insidious breast cancer within her lifetime. About 30 percent of cases are American women.

Breast cancer is caused by malignant tumor which has built up from breast cells. Commonly, it starts to develop in the ducts (passageways for draining milk toward the nipple from the lobules) or in the lobules (glands for milk production). But, in rare cases it develops within the stromal tissues including the connective tissues that are fibrous and fatty.

Generally, it is a mistake or abnormality of genes because of the process of aging. There is only 5 to 10 percent probability of inheriting the illness from the father or the mother. 85 percent of cases occurred to women with no history of breast cancer in the family.

In the previous year, around 230,480 new breast cancers cases in American women were estimated which included 57,650 new non-invasive breast cancer cases. Since the era of 1990s, death rate has decreased but approximately 39,520 American women were expected to die in 2011 because of this illness.

On a lighter note, survivors from the illness in the United States reached 2.6 million in the previous year.

It is important to increase our awareness with this because early detections and treatments lessen the mortality rate of American women. With the kind of technology today, medications for breast cancer are advanced already. 

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