Thursday, March 1, 2012

How do women develop anorexia?

Ever wondered why most women develop an eating disorder?  Reports say anorexia or bulimia is now evident to women in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. Experts also confirm that the problem starts subtly that neither she nor her family realizes what’s happening. The thing is- this problem can be life -threatening.

This might be because women are more conscious with their weight. They probably have overdone their dieting goals. With getting thin as the goal- from a simple diet, women will try binging and purging through forced vomiting or laxatives.

Also, most women now live productive lives and are fighting the possible midlife weight gain. But other factors can also trigger eating disorder. An emotional crisis they are going through is a possible factor. This might be brought about by a recent divorce or break-up, death of someone close, or other failure she has experienced. Because of this, she probably is suffering from a low self-esteem and loses appetite to eat.

But typically, eating disorders spring from concerns on body image and weight. This happens to women who try to live up to the society’s standard of a perfect woman. Doctors have verified cases where women start to develop anorexia after pregnancy, menopause, or a life crisis. At some point, losing weight has become an obsession. This is because most women are not contented to being just average.

But some doctors have looked into the possible reason of genetics to anorexia. It says that eating disorders are known to run in families. But whatever the reason is to developing this serious illness, one must be directed to a doctor immediately. 

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